Pepe Marais
Shares a personal story about how he developed the feeling of feeling like he is not good enough. This interesting story involves unfortunate childhood traumas and a first-love situation that sparks a passion which introduces him to what became his golden life philosophy.


Mike Saunders
Technology is the thing that we all want. As a society we’re arguably addicted to it, in business we chase its promises of better products and efficiencies and in life, we are struggling to raise our children in a world we don’t understand. A digital world that’s racing so fast we could never be expected to stay up to date.  

Prof. Salome Maswime
Discusses Global Surgery as a new discipline in medicine that seeks to improve access to surgery and the quality of surgical care, bringing together different stakeholders. For centuries, surgeons have focused on surgical techniques, and what is done inside of the hospital, but Global Surgery is a new discipline that seeks to understand the patient who has the disease, rather than the disease that the patient has.