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RE: 2022 - reframe

Naretha Pretorius explores the art and purpose of thinking, reframed. The way we understand thinking and reframing is unpacked, while looking at how and why an individual or organisation can or should reframe their thinking, and why it matters.

Manqoba Zungu shares a very powerful and relateable talk on Cognitive Rewiring and how we can leverage on the human superpower of being able to learn, unlearn and relearn.                                                        

Mbali Makhathini discusses reframing how we look at climate change and the role that we play in biodiversity and the 6th mass extinction. 


There is a growing phenomenon about how one should “fake it till you make” but Yael Geffen argues that there is a fine line between that and lacking authenticity. 


Retirement in sports continues to be one of the toughest shifts to go through by virtue of the incredible adjustment in lifestyle for the athletes. Do we really understand how tough this shift is?

Bongani Baloyi focuses on four key pillars of social media- outlining why individuals hold more power (as well as responsibility) than any other institution or organization in the social media space.